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Renewed and specialised educational offering


University of Gävle renews and develops its educational offering as of the academic year 2023/2024. “We are strengthening the University’s competitiveness and we will be better equipped to meet student demand and the needs of the labour market,” says Ylva Fältholm, Vice-Chancellor of University of Gävle.

The University will have a renewed range of study programmes and courses as of the academic year 2023/2024.

The renewal is in line with the University’s education and research strategy for 2021–2030. Therefore, the range of study programmes and courses offered will be based on student demand, clearly connected to the needs of the labour market and the research at the University. The process of renewing the range of study programmes and courses offered has been ongoing since March 2020. The aim is to create greater societal benefit and to contribute to a knowledge boost in the region.

Development and discontinuation

The formal decision on a renewed educational offering was taken on 14 June: six study programmes will be revised or developed, and three study programmes will be discontinued. In addition, all study programmes in engineering will be reviewed in a consolidation process, which means that they will be merged. If you are admitted to a study programme that will be discontinued, you will still be able to continue with your studies and complete the programme. If you are studying in one of the engineering programmes that will be revised, you can continue with your studies as before. You will be informed if there are any updates that will affect you.

If you have any questions, please contact studentsupport@hig.se

Study programmes that will be developed:

  • Master’s programme in geomatics
  • Study programme in decision, risk, and policy analysis (60 cr)
  • Master’s programme in religious studies

  • Master’s programme in applied criminology (new)
  • Master’s programme in business administration (new)
  • Master’s programme in psychology (new)

  • Nine study programmes in engineering and connected bachelor’s degree programmes are to be consolidated.

Study programmes to be discontinued:

  • Media and communication: communicator and professional writing
  • Health promotion through sustainable development
  • Legal science programme towards tax law and real estate law
Published by: Liselotte Laurila Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2022-07-04
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