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Studiehjälpen supports when motivation is lacking


Do you have difficulties planning your study time? Studiehjälpen (study help) offer support regarding study techniques, study planning and motivation.​​

Sofia Lagerberg Alfredsson, Lisa Olsson och Daniel Andersson jobbar med Studiehjälpen. Foto: Anna Sällberg

Sofia Lagerberg Alfredsson, Lisa Olsson och Daniel Andersson are working with Studiehjälpen. Foto: Anna Sällberg

University studies require personal responsibility, motivation and planning. A good study technique can help you to succeed with your studies and give you time for more than studies.

– We offer support to all students who need help with study techniques and planning. We know that many people experience difficulties in getting a structure around their studies. We offer concrete and continuous support, says Daniel Andersson, student coach.

Different themes

Studiehjälpen regularly organize events and the students can choose to visit either physically in a classroom at the University or digitally via Zoom.

– We have different themes every week where we talk generally about certain topics such as reading techniques, oral presentations and exams, says Lisa Olsson, student health advisor.

Text: Anna Sällberg

Published by: Anna Sällberg Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2022-12-14
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