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Quiet rooms, resting rooms and quiet workplaces for you as a student


At the University of Gävle we want to create a good working environment for you as a student by offering different kinds of environments to study in.

Person sittandes på knä med ryggen mot kameran. Tittar in i stämningsfull belysning

Different environments to study in

Around the campus there are a large number of group rooms, study places and computer rooms adapted to the different needs of students. Are you aware of these opportunities for you as a student?

Silent computer room

A silent computer room, where no group work or phone calls are allowed, is located in 51:113. The room has six seats and is available to all students, but cannot be booked. There are a total of ten public computer rooms for students at the University.

Quiet reading environment

On the entrance level of the library there is a so-called silent reading room. The silent reading room is for those who want to work undisturbed. Special rules apply in the silent reading room; for example, you are not allowed to talk or eat in the room. The basic rule is that the reading room must be completely silent.

Quiet room

Room 51:112 is a quiet room for students and staff. The room is open to everyone, regardless of faith or beliefs. There is an opportunity for prayer, meditation or quiet yoga.

Resting room

Resting rooms for students are located in 31:140. The key to the resting room can be borrowed from the reception.

Have you also considered that there are a number of canteens, so if one is full, there are many more!

Published by: Satu Moberg Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2023-09-22
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