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Carpet laying in house 51


Due to moisture damage, the carpet on floor 2 between buildings 41 and 51 must be replaced. The work will be carried out on 16-17 October.

Bild på hus 51 på Högskolan

During the heavy rains last summer, water entered and damaged part of the building, just at the turn between buildings 41 and 51, near the lift. The existing carpet will be torn out and replaced with new carpet.

The work will start on Monday 16 October and is expected to take two days.

While the carpet layer is working, we refer students and staff to go via the passage in the basement. Signage will show the way.


Division of Facility Management and Service

E-mail: fastighet@hig.se

Published by: Satu Moberg Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2023-10-13
Högskolan i Gävle
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