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New issue of the magazine LEVE! is now available on campus


A dancing teacher, research in a method to prevent honour-related violence and an alumni with an interest in AI and GIS. These are some of the contents in the new issue of the University magazine LEVE!.

Tidningens omslag, med Larisa Nilsson.

In the magazine's portrait, you will meet Larisa Nilsson, who works as a lecturer in business administration at the University. In her spare time she enjoys dancing.

– I dance for pleasure. Dancing is a good cardio exercise, and it’s a very beautiful sport. I have tried to go to the gym a couple of times, but I don't get the same joy of exercise there. The greatest joy comes from dancing to beautiful music, she says.

Heroes effective to prevent honour-related violence

Heroes as role models have proved effective in preventing honour-related violence and oppression. Researchers at the University have analyzed the method "Shanazi hjältar", which Gävle municipality uses in its crime prevention work.

– Our research shows that “Shanazi hjältar” as a concept has had a positive impact and that the method is effective and powerful to influence and change attitudes and awareness of honour related violence. It is gratifying and important that the method is now included in the municipality's regular activities, says Stefan Sjöberg, research and associate professor in social work.

"I want to see what AI can do for GIS"

Alumni Daniel Morosini studied the Programme in Land Management/Surveying at University of Gävle. Now he works as a GIS engineer.

– There is always more to learn after your studies and you are not done when you graduate. If you find something that interests you, you can then choose to delve deeper into it. For me, for example, I want to see what AI can do for GIS in my professional role, he says.

The magazine LEVE! is available in printed form in newspaper stands around the university campus. The magazine includes some pages with news in English. The magazine can also be read digitally.

Text: Anna Sällberg

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