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Fire safety for students


If a fire should start at the university, it is important that you as a student feel safe and know how to act. Here you will find information on what you can do to be prepared for an emergency situation.

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Emergency numbers

  • In case of acute danger to life, property or the environment, always call 112.
  • For other serious incidents or in case of an urgent need for security support, call the University's emergency number 070-656 15 00.
    The alarm center activates the University's crisis management if necessary.

Instructions in case of fire

If the evacuation alarm sounds - always evacuate the premises!

The order and extent of your actions will depend on the situation and your ability.

  • SAVE
    Save yourself and help others who are in obvious danger. If the premises are filled with smoke, the safest way out is to crawl along the floor. Do not walk through the smoke!
    Call 112. This is to reinforce the automatic fire alarm. Tell them who you are, what happened, where the fire is and meet the emergency services.
  • WARN
    Warn your classmates and others. Maybe one of them is wearing headphones or on the phone? There is a risk that they do not perceive the danger. Help them and warn them.
    If you do not put yourself at risk, you can start extinguishing the fire. The evacuation plan indicates the location of fire extinguishing equipment. The fire extinguisher has symbols and text to show what it can be used for.
    Close doors and windows where possible.
    Always take the nearest escape route out. Look around and follow the green signs for the way out. Always take the stairs, never use the elevator! If you encounter smoke, turn around and take another way out. Go to the assembly point closest to you (even if the alarm does not go off in the entire building).
    People with disabilities, such as wheelchair users, who cannot use the stairs should evacuate to the nearest stairwell.
    The stairwells are protected as separate fire cells and these are searched by the emergency services.

Get into the habit of always knowing two alternative escape routes from the premises you are in. Most people choose to evacuate the way they entered the building, which can lead to heavy congestion in an evacuation situation.

When the situation allows, raise the alarm on the University's emergency number 070-656 15 00

Evacuation alarm

At the university there is an automatic evacuation alarm that in case of fire or smoke development directly alerts the emergency services. The alarm signal is only heard in the premises that are directly affected by the fire, as the buildings are divided into fire cells with doors that automatically close when the alarm goes off. These doors must never be wedged open.

Remember that the alarm can also be used to evacuate for other reasons, such as a bomb threat. Take all alarms seriously!

When the alarm sounds, everyone in the affected premises must immediately evacuate and go to the assembly point marked on the evacuation plan. Evacuation plans are located near the elevator or stairwells on all floors.

Study the evacuation plan

Evacuation plans are available in all buildings on all floors. They are usually located in the stairwells and by the elevators. Evacuation plans contain important information. They show:

  • escape routes and emergency exits
  • the location of fire-fighting equipment
  • where the assembly point is

Map of assembly points at the University

There are five assembly points. These are marked with a green symbol on the map.


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