University of Gävle Introduces Anonymous Written Exams

As off November 1st the majority of written examinations will be anonymous. This means that you as a student will be anonymous to the teacher grading your exam.

Previous procedure was based on you writing your name and swedish personal number on the exam and the answer sheets. During an anonymous exam you will only write down your anonymous code on the exam and the answer sheet.

How Do I Know if My Exam is Anonymous?

This information will be stated in the syllabus. As off November 1st all courses, with one or more course modules, titled written exam, will be anonymous.

How Do I Obtain My Anonymous Code?

You have to register to the written exam at least 10 day before the exam date to get the anonymous code. You will receive your code once you have checked off your name on the placement list before the exam starts. Write down your code on the post-its next to the placement lists, so you remember your code, then state the code on the exam cover and the answer sheets.

Come Celebrate with Us

The University offers students and staff coffee and cake to celebrate the introduction of anonymous examination. Welcome to Fårhallen October 26 between 10:00 and 14:00.

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Published by: Lisa Olsson Page responsible: Veronica Liljeroth Updated: 2016-10-19
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