Connect to the University wireless network - Eduroam

Eduroam gives you as a student access to the internet when you are on campus. It also gives you internet access when you are at other universities that also connect to Eduroam. Eduroam is also available at some airports, railway stations and hotels.

Connect to the University wireless network - Eduroam

In order to connect to Eduroam your computer account needs to have the highest level of access. You already have this if you activated your computer account via ( or Edu-id. If you activated your computer account using the email method you need to visit the IT support in order to upgrade your account. Bring a valid form of ID.

How to connect to Eduroam


Other types of internet access

If you are a student who regularly visits campus we recommend you use Eduroam for accessing the internet. However, if you need access to the internet you can also use the wireless network called "hig".

This network is available in all common areas of campus. Open a window in your web browser and type in any web address. This will take you to a website with more information. You can then log in using the login details from your computer account. Browsing on does not require login.

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