The University will be getting new printers - this is how you will be affected


Beginning on Monday May 7th, we will be changing our printer system and printers at the University of Gävle. This will lead to a certain amount of disruption during the period.

The new system, EduPrint, uses the “follow me” solution as does the current system, meaning that you print to a print queue and then collect your printout at any printer at the University.

Some walking may be required

The transition will take place over three days, 7–9 May, and during that period you may experience certain problems when printing.

For example, you may need to walk to a different building to collect your printout and may also need to adjust settings manually in order to select the correct printer queue. This is because, during these days, a number of old printers and the old printer queue will remain in parallel to the new installation.

Between 7-9 May, printers linked to the old printer system will be available on the Floor 2 of buildings 11, 31, 51 and the Library.

Print with your bus pass

The new printer system uses RFID (MIFARE) for login rather than the magnetic strips used by the current system. You will be able to collect your RFID tag at the Student Centre, Library or Porter’s Office. You then stick the tag onto your current University card. If you prefer to use your own card then, for example, a bus pass or SL card will work. You will then not require an RFID tag.

User guides and instructions

We will be posting clear instructions on how to print – both during the transition and when the new printers and printer system is in place – at a later date. There will also be clear user guides in each printer room, as well as a page on the intranet where manuals and FAQs will be available.

Published by: Lisa Olsson Page responsible: Veronica Liljeroth Updated: 2018-05-02
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