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New way to pay for prints and copies


Since the turn of the year, you can no longer use Payex to top-up your print account. Instead, you top-up your print account via the print portal with a credit card.

How to top-up your print account

As of 1 January 2019, you top-up your printing account via the print portal by using a credit card. There you can also see your balance.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Log-in to the print portal with your user account.
  2. Click on Add Credit in the black menu to the left.
  3. Select the amount of money you wish to add to your account (50 SEK, 100 SEK or 200 SEK). Press submit. Enter your personal details.
  4. Select that you would like to add a card and enter your debit/credit card details. Then accept the terms and click on the big blue button (PAY XX kr) to complete the purchase.

Please note that you will not be able to return unused funds, so do not buy more prints than you will use during your study time.

Money left at your Payex account

If you have have money left at Payex you can get the money repaid to your bank account by requesting it from Payex. You need to contact Payex before January 31, 2019.                                          

Published by: Lisa Olsson Page responsible: Veronica Liljeroth Updated: 2019-01-16
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