Important information to all users of Windows 7


A serious security vulnerability has been discovered in Windows 7. If you have a computer which has not been updated to a more recent operating system, you risk being affected.

Update your computer immediately

A vulnerability in the remote desktop services in Windows 7, Windows server 2008, as well as in older operating systems as yet not updated, means that users risk being attacked by the virus Ransomware. Ransomware can encrypt and destroy all the files you have access to; all information then disappears.

How do I know if I have Windows 7?

The easiest way to determine if you have Windows 7 or an older system, if you are unsure what system you are using, is to look at the start button which you can find in the bottom left-hand side corner of your screen. If the Icon is white, you are protected. If the colour of the icon is blue, red, yellow or green, you need to update your computer as soon as possible.

Bild som visar tre olika startknappar i Windows

What effects can the security vulnerability have?

Ransomware (the virus) encrypts all data it can access via the infected computer. This means that you can lose files on your own computer like, for example, your degree theses and important documents. This data is permanently lost and cannot be recovered.

More technical information about the vulnerability

Published by: Lisa Olsson Page responsible: Veronica Liljeroth Updated: 2019-05-24
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