Ceremony of Graduation


Do you know the times of Ceremony ogf Graduation?

You can attend the garduation ceremony even if you are still in the process of completing your programme. It is your responsibility to apply for a degree certificate after you have finished your stuies.

Date and times of the ceremonies

Faculty of Health and Occupational Studies

Study Programme in Nursing

Date: Wednesday june 5
Time: 10.00am -11.30am
Place: Valhall (41:204)

Human Resources and Labour Relations Programme, Sport Science, Bachelor programme in Health Promotion through sustainable development

Date: Wednesday june 5
Time: 13.00pm -14.30pm
Place: Valhall (41:204)

Bachelor of Science in Social Work - Specialization International Social Work, Study Program in Applied Criminology, Master Programme in Social Work

Date: Wednesday june 5
Time: 15.30pm -16.30pm
Place: Valhall (41:204)

Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development


  • The Teacher Training Programme
  • Date: Wednesday may 29
    Time: 15.00pm-16.15pm
    Local: Valhall (41:204)
  • The Subject Teacher Programme

Date: Tuesday may 28
Time: 15.00pm-16.30pm
Local: Valhall (41:204)

Study Programme in Business Administration, Study Programme in Real Estate Brokering, Master Programme in Business Administration

Date: june 4
Time: 17.00pm -18.00pm
Local: Valhall (41:204)

Master Programme in Business Administration (MBA): Business Management

Date: June 4
Time: 16.00pm -18.00pm
Local: Valhall (41:204)

Study Programme in Humans Culture Religion

Date: may 27
Time: 16.30pm-18.00pm
Local: sal 31:322

Find the Ceremonies

If you are going to visit one of our ceremonies and are not familiar with our premises, you can help with the campus map.

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