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The University of Gävle is a university for all - where everyone has the same opportunity to participate.

Accessibility at University of Gävle

All employees, students and others should have the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities at the University of Gävle.  All employees and students must treat each other with mutual respect. As an employee or student at the University, you have a right to a fair and equal treatment regardless of any disability.  

Practical information regarding accessibility

Parking, lifts, toilets, classrooms, hearing loops and our website. Find more information here.

Accessibility Plan for the University

The University of Gävle strives to be open to all in our physical environment and on our website. We have a special accessibility plan that states frameworks and guidelines for our accessibility work. The plan increases awareness and provides insight about the importance of accessibility.

Useful documents on the subject of accessibility

Swedish disability policy is based on the principle of universal equality of human dignity and human rights. Read more at the Swedish Agency for Participation.

What does the law say?

Inclusion and accessibility requirements for persons with disabilities are primarily dealt with in regulations and laws listed below.

More information about laws, rights and obligations can be found on the websites belonging to Diskrimineringsombudsmannens (the Equality Ombudsman) and Myndigheten för delaktighet (the Swedish Agency for Participation).

Published by: Satu Moberg Page responsible: Veronica Liljeroth Updated: 2023-03-08
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