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Practical Information Regarding Exams

In order for you to get access to educational support, you need to submit a certificate to confirm that you have a disability that impacts on your studies. Talk to the Coordinator for students with disabilities to discuss your needs and preferences.

Decision on educational support

In order to have an alternative examination you need a Decision on educational support . Click on the link to learn how you apply for educational support.

When you start a course

When you start a new course you need to contact your examinator in good time, preferably at the start of the course, to discuss the exam situation. Bring your Decision on educational support.

Before the exam

You need to fill in the form Decision on adapted examination Pdf, 691 kB. together with your examinator and return the form to the Student Centre. The Student Centre deal with alternative examinations.

You need to hand in the form to the Student Centrum at least three weeks before the examination date. You can also scan/photograph the form and send it to tentamen@hig.se.

Register for your exam or re-examination

Register through Ladok at least 10 days before the examination date. It is important that you register on time in order for you to get the support you need.  

About a week before the examination date you will get an email from the Student Centre with information regarding your exam.

What happens if I don't hand in the form on time?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will get the support you need if the form is not handed in on time.

How long is the form valid for?

You only need to submit one form per course, even if the course has several examinations. You do not need to hand in the form again if you are doing a re-examination.

For students on distance study programmes/courses

If you are taking your exam at a study centre you need to contact them three weeks before the examination date. Hand in the form and information such as your name, course and examination date to the study centre.

Other questions about alternative examinations?

 if you have further questions about alternative examinations, you are welcome to contact us at tentamen@hig.se.

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