Web Services

As a student at University of Gävle, you can carry out certain tasks on the website. For example, you can look at your schedule, register on courses and exams. Below you will find several of the services available to you. 

Create your user account on-line

As a student at University of Gävle, you have access to a number of web services through your user account.  You don't have to apply for a user account, you can create it on-line.

The Student Portal

At the Student Portal, you will find several web services that may be useful for you as a student. It contains individually adjusted information for you such as viewing your credits awarded, your schedule, your contact information etc. You can also register on courses and create own transcript. There is also relevant information in the portal where you will see when it is time to apply for courses or when new services are added to the portal. To log in, you need a user account.

Blackboard - Learning Management System

Blackboard is a web-based system for management of courses at University of Gävle. Both on-campus and distance courses are available on the Internet. Communication and distribution of course material is managed via Blackboard.


If you need help with your studies, Blackboard support, general questions concerning IT or similar: report your case to our support portal: https://support.hig.se

You can find many answers in our IT guide for students

Printouts and the printing system

As a new student you are given a limited number of free printouts. If you run out of free printouts, you have the possibility to buy additional copies. Control your printing account at the Student Portal or IT support.

Information about printers and how to purchase of additional printouts

Registration for exams

It is mandatory to sign up (register) for written examinations at University of Gävle. The deadline for signing up is 10 days before the exam date. You register for your exams in KronoX.

Find your course schedule

If you are registered to courses current semester, your schedule will be displayed in the student portal. If you are not registered to any courses current semester, you can still search for schedules through our Online Schedule Search.

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