Finding Schedules

Registered students at the University of Gävle will find their personal course schedules in the Student Portal. If you are not a registered student, you may find course schedules through our online schedule search service.

Find Your Schedule in the Student Portal

When you have been admitted to and registered for a course at the University of Gävle, you will find your personal course schedule in the Student Portal. A course schedule should be published no later than two weeks before the course start date.

Online Schedule Search - Kronox

If your schedule is not displayed in your student portal or you want to check the schedule for an upcoming course to which you are not yet registered, you can search for schedules online.

Kronox app

With the Kronox app, you can search for schedules, view your schedule and book group study rooms. The app is available in Swedish and English for iPhones and Android.

Examination Schedule

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