Application Within a Programme

All programme students need to apply for their courses

As a programme student at the University of Gävle you need to apply for courses via The principal rule is that all programme students have to choose courses within their programmes before semester two and the following semesters. Instructions on which courses you need to apply for within the programme and how you apply will be given to you within the respective programme as programme information before the autumn and spring term.  

Which courses should you apply for?

In the course overview, you see which courses you should apply for and what application codes they have. If you have questions regarding this, please contact your programme coordinator.

Course overview for application within programmes

Apply via

You apply via Application deadline is October 15 for the spring semester and April 15 for the autumn semester.

This is how you log in

Go to and choose Log in. Select “Log in with university account” and select University of Gävle. Use the same log in as to your user account at University of Gävle and after that you are logged in. Check that your email address on “My pages” is correct since all information regarding your application will be sent there.

Go to to apply

This is how you apply

  1. Go to Course overview for course application within programmes . Click on your programme. You will find the application codes on the left side of your course overview.
  2. To be able to find your programme courses on universityadmissions you need to be logged in. Please check above how to log in.
  3. When you logged in click on the logo Universityadmissions up to the left. The easiest way is to enter the application codes from the course overview directly. Otherwise you can choose “Find Courses” and in the filter to the left “Options for programme students” tick “Only show courses that I can apply to within my programme”. The courses within your programme (all semesters) will then show to the right.
  4. Select the course you want to apply to, make sure you select the courses within the correct semester. When you are done go to “My selection” and “Start application”.
  5. Here you can rank your choices if needed. Click continue until you get to the last step “Submit”
  6. After submitting your application you are done.

Useful Information

Keep in mind that the order of priority is important. If you are applying for single subject courses as well as programme courses, it is important that you give the programme courses higher priority than the single subject courses. If not, you will risk to be deleted from the courses you are taking within your programme, since you can be admitted to at most 45 credits a semester.

  • Apply in good time to avoid possible overloading problems.
  • You have to log in to with the user account given to you via the University of Gävle to be able to apply for courses within your programme.
  • Make absolutely sure that your application contains the right courses and make sure that you get a confirmation to your e-mail address that the application has been received. Save the e-mail!
  • You must always reply to your admission decision on and My pages in order not to lose your admission/reserve placement.
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