There are a large number of scholarships exclusively for you as a student at the University of Gävle. The total amount that can be awarded is over half a million each year. In addition to that, there are thousands of national scholarships seeking owners.

Changes in scholarship activities

As of October 2016, some changes have taken place in scholarship activities. The majority of the scholarships remains unchanged, but some scholarships are no longer available. Information regarding what scholarships you as a student at the University of Gävle are eligible to apply for and a contact list of donors can be found here.

If you have questions about the scholarships please contact donors directly. The change means that you when you decide to  apply for a scholarship must send your application directly to the donor.

Scholarships for students at the University of Gävle

As a student you have the opportunity to apply for scholarships that are intended specifically for those studying at the University of Gävle. Businesses, organisations, municipalities and other stakeholders would like to learn of your findings from, for example, your degree project. What can your work to do to help their development?

External scholarships and funds

There are thousands of national scholarships that you can apply for. The hard part is to know which ones are available. Our tips and links do not purport to be exhaustive, but here are some suggestions on where and how to search for information.

International scholarships

Information about Erasmus+ Scholarships for Exchange Studies can be found on the International Secretariat's website.

Other scholarships and funds

Information about other scholarships, funds and direct government funding is also available at the University of Gävle. These are intended for different groups at the university: students at degree programmes, PhD students and researchers. For information about these funds, contact respective granter.


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