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How to apply for exchange studies and the application

Erasmus+ is an exchange programme in Europe for studies and internships abroad for three months up to a year.

How does it work?

1. Application

If you want to study abroad, you have to apply for an exchange placement through our web form from February 1st - March 1st:

2. Selection

You must be enrolled in a programme and have completed at least a year of the programme. Semester 4 or 5 are primary semester for exchange studies on Bachelor level. On Master Level it is 3rd semester.

The minimum requirement is that you on average have gained 45 HE credits per academic year (75 %) within your programme. You should also have good proficiencies in the language of instruction.

The applicants who fulfil the entry requirements should be assigned an exchange placement, as long as there is no competition. In case of competition, the following applies:

1. Students who have not previously been assigned an exchange place through University of Gävle should be prioritized.

2. The number of completed HE credits in the programme at the time of application should be decisive.

3. Grades

3. Applying to the University abroad

Once you have excepted your exchange placement you will be nominated to the that university by the International Office. That university will contact you and instruct you on how to apply for the exchange studies/course. Teachers working with exchange studies at your programme will help you with the course selection. All other help with the application will be provided by the International Office and the receiving university.

4. Scholarships, visa and insurance

For all exchange programmes, there are scholarships assigned to students travelling abroad within the programme for the first time. If you go to countries that require a visa, you have to pay the visa costs yourself. The cost varies from country to country.

The University of Gävle has a comprehensive insurance from Kammarkollegiet for all students travelling abroad within an exchange agreement.

5. Language test

When you go on a study exchange or internship within the Erasmus+ programme, you are required to take a language test – the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS) language assessment – before and after your time abroad. If you wish to improve your language proficiency, you will have the opportunity to follow an online language course before and during your time abroad. Read more about Language test.

6. Insurance during the exchange

The University of Gävle has a comprehensive insurance from Kammarkollegiet for all students travelling abroad within an exchange agreement.

Note: The insurance does not apply in the countries where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travel, even if the advice only applies to a specific area in the country.

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