Written Examination

A written examination is a test of knowledge, usually at the end of a course. You have to register for an exam in advance, and you have to bring valid ID to the examination.

Changes to examinations due to the Corona virus

2020-03-23: for the rest of the semester, only distance education courses and programmes will be offered. There will be no teaching and no examinations on campus for the rest of the semester, unless otherwise stated.

More specific information will be provided by your lecturer/supervisor/course coordinator, usually through Blackboard (or Canvas).

The Corona virus - current information to our students

The Exam hand-out is temporarily closed

Due to the coronavirus, we temporarily close the exam hand-out in house 22 and 12. Instead, we send your exams home by regular mail to the address that is registered in Ladok. All exams will be sent, starting with the most recent ones.

Students can contact the Student Centre studentcentrum@hig.se or pose questions in the chat at www.hig.se

Register for your exams on time

It is mandatory to sign up (register) for written examinations at the University of Gävle. The deadline for signing up is 10 days before the exam date. You can register five weeks prior to the date of the examination. You register for an exam through Ladok.


How to register for an exam in Ladok

Rules for Written Examinations at University of Gävle

  • ​It is mandatory to register for written exams
  • Deadline for registrations is 10 days before the exam date
  • You must show valid ID to be allowed to take your exam
  • You are allowed to bring food and drink to the exam hall
  • Mobile phones, Ipads and similar devices must be turned off during an exam
  • For more rules and detailed information please read the Examinations Guide.

Frequently asked questions about exams

Allowed aides

You are allowed to use pens, pencils, erasers and rulers. You are also allowed to use any examination aides that your teacher has approved and noted on the first page of the exam questionnaire. Books, formulas and similar aides may not contain notes.

Cell phones

Cell phones and other electronic devices must be completely turned off during the exam. Flight mode is not allowed.

Place your cell phone in your jacket, bag or a valuables locker, after you have turned it off. If you keep the cell phone on your person (in your pocket et cetera), this will be reported as an attempt at cheating.


You have to show valid ID to be allowed to take the exam.

Late arrivals

If you arrive late for an exam, you will be allowed to enter the room and start your exam 30 minutes after the starting time. If you arrive later than 30 minutes after the starting time, you will not be allowed to take the exam.

Not registered for the exam?

It's mandatory to register for exams at the University of Gävle, no later than 10 days before the exam date. If you didn't register in time, you may only take your exam if there is a seat available (that is, not booked by another student) in the exam hall. No exceptions are made from this rule, we do not accept registrations when the deadline is passed.

At the day of the exam, you must sign your name at the list for "Unregistered students" outside the exam hall. The exam supervisors will let you know if there is a seat for you or not.

If there is a seat available in the room, and enough copies of the exam itself, you may start taking your exam after a waiting period of 30 minutes.

If the exam hall is full and there is no seat for you, you may not take your exam at this time but will have to wait for the re-examination.

Past exams

Through our Exam Center, find past exams for courses offered at University of Gävle, so that you can study and do well at your upcoming exams. Exams from the last three years are available, usually without answers. The exams are from written exams only, not from digital exams.

Exam Center

Students with disabilities

The University of Gävle provides support for students with functional disabilities such as dyslexia or visual or hearing impairments.

Please contact the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities at funktionsstod@hig.se to learn more about the types of support available to you.

Taking your exam off-campus

Some distance education courses require students to take proctored exams. A proctored exam is taken off-campus and is supervised, just as it would be for a course taken on campus. Other reasons may be considered valid for taking an exam off-campus, for example military service.



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