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Examinations via Zoom

Digital examinations may in some cases be conducted via Zoom. This means that a web camera may be required regardless of what course or programme you are taking. Here, you can read more about what the rules are and what kind of equipment you need to participate.

Your examiner decides if your examination will be supervised via Zoom. You will be given more information by your teacher about the specific details regarding your examination.

Exam with support of Zoom and webcam

  • Install Zoom on your computer and/or your mobile phone.
  • Use an external webcam if possible. Place it on the side of the computer.
  • You can use your mobile phone as a camera. Then log in to Zoom only on your mobile phone.
  • Enter your full name: Surname, First name.
  • During the exam the webcam must be positioned so that you, your computer screen and keyboard are visible. See illustration below.
  • Make sure you have power to your devices during the whole exam.
  • You are not allowed to leave your position without first having obtained permission from an exam host.
  • Your microphone must be muted.
  • Only permitted aids may be on the table.
  • Have your ID available.
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