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Important Information

Programme Students Need to Apply for Courses

The principal rule is that all programme students have to choose courses within their programmes before their second semester and the following semesters.  

Which Courses Should You Apply for?

If you have questions concerning your courses, please contact your programme coordinator.

Course overviews for programmes

Apply via Antagning.se

Antagning.se is a joint web page for application to courses and programmes at all the universities in Sweden. This means that you apply for all higher education at one place. If you are applying for courses within your programme you should also apply via Antagning.se. Online application is available approximately 4 weeks before application deadline, April 15 and October 15.

How to Log in

Go to Antagning.se and  My pages (Mina sidor). Choose the University of Gävle (Högskolan i Gävle) to the right in the login box. When you have clicked Move on to login (Gå vidare till inloggning ), use the user account you were given the University of Gävle. 

Further information about user accounts at the University of Gävle.

Make sure that the e-mail address on My pages (Mina sidor) is valid since all information concerning your application will be sent there.

How to Apply

  1. Read the course overview for your programme -  on the course overview you will find the application codes for the courses you need to apply for within your programme.

  2. To be able to find the courses within your programme you need to log in to Antagning.se and My pages (Mina sidor). See instructions above on how to log in.

  3. Go to the tab "Mina sidor". Under the tab "Anmälan" ("Application"), you can see if you have any active applications. To apply, click "Välj utbildning från Utbildningskatalogen" ("Choose course from the course catalogue").

  4. The easiest way to find your courses is using the application codes from the course overview in the green search field. Make sure that you have chosen the correct semester.

  5. Fill in the correct application code from the course overview of your programme.

  6. You can get one or several results. Choose the course that you want to apply for, then click "Välj" ("Choose"). The courses or programmes without a "Välj" ("Choose") button cannot be applied for this semester. If the "Välj" button is marked grey it means you have already put the course in your basket (chosen). In the blue the square to the right "Valda utbildningar" ("Chosen courses/programmes") you will see the courses that you have chosen to apply for.

  7. Repeat step 4-6 until you have added all courses you want to apply for.

  8. Click "Till anmälan" ("Apply").

  9. You will now be directed to "Mina anmälningar" ("My applications"). Here you have to prioritize your courses in the order you preferably want to take them. Use the arrow "up" or "down" to the right of your application option. Within the program, you should apply for 30 HE credits to obtain full-time studies. If you are applying for both single subject courses and courses within your programme, the programme courses should have a higher priority than the single subject courses. If you don't have any elective courses within your programme, the number of priority will not matter. Save changes if you have done this. When your application is OK, click "Skicka" ("Send").

  10. Check your application and click "Send" to complete your application. Make sure that you get a confirmation that your application has been received.


As a programme student, you generally have precedence to courses that are included in the course overview of your programme if you apply before the application deadline. If you choose to combine the programme courses in a different way than the order suggested in the course overview or apply for other courses, you lose your priority. It is important to keep in mind that you can only be admitted to at most 45 HE credits a semester. If you are qualified for more HE credits you will become deleted from the options with lower priority.

What are the Application Codes for the Courses That I'm Applying for?

The application codes you should use are the ones that you can find on the course overview of your programme. Note that:

  • you must apply for at least 7.5 credits within your programme to keep your place
  • no priority is given for single subject courses

Entry Requirements

To be able to be admitted to a course, you must satisfy the specific entry requirements. If you are uncertain of which specific entry requirements apply to the courses you plan to apply for, there is information about entry requirements in the course syllabus. You can also find information about the entry requirements in our web catalogue if the course is open for freestanding applicants. If you are admitted on condition, you should be able to confirm the course admission requirements at the registration. In the admission decision, there is a footnote by the specific course concerning this.

Approved Study Leaves

To continue as a programme student you have to be registered for at least 7.5 credits each semester. You need to apply for study leave if you decide not to take any courses within your programme during a certain semester. If you plan not to resume your studies within the programme you should report non-completion. If you have any questions concerning this, please contact the study guidance.

If You Want to Change Your Application

You can change your application whenever you want to during the available period by logging in to "My page" and changing your application.

Keep in Mind

  • you have to apply before the application deadline
  • you must satisfy the entry requirements
  • precedence does not guarantee admission
  • a course can have different application codes depending on when/how it is given therefore you should check the course overview to see which application code is valid
  • in the higher education qualification, credits are not given for courses with joint (overlapping) contents more than once, if you are uncertain of whether a course that you want to apply for overlaps with a course you have already taken, please contact the study guidance.

What Happens After the Application?

Via antagning.se and My Pages (Mina sidor), you can see your preliminary assessment and admission decisions. When the first selection is done, you get an e-mail where you are requested to log in to My pages (Mina sidor) and read your admission decision.

You Have to Reply

You always have to reply to your admission decision in order not to lose your admission/reserve placement. Do this at antagning.se and My pages (Mina sidor). Note that the last day to reply to your admission decision before the spring semester is at the end of December and before the autumn semester at the end of July. View the exact dates at Antagning.se  

Further Information

If you have any questions about the subject content of the courses or what you should choose, please turn to your faculty or ask the programme coordinator. Certain programmes give out information about the programme before the application period. For general information or guidance, please contact the study guidance for a guidance conversation. If you have any questions about the application and admission, you are welcome to contact the Admission Office.

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