Dates of Importance for Your Application

Application Deadline

The application for courses and programmes starting in the autumn semester should be submitted April 15 and for courses and programmes starting in the spring semester should be submitted October 15.

For summer courses, the application should be submitted on March 15.

For programmes given in English for foreign applicants, the application should be submitted January 15.

Reply to the Admission Decision

You must reply to your admission decision after the first selection if you have been admitted, otherwise you will lose your place to another applicant.

The last day to reply to your admission decision for the autumn courses is at the end of July and for the spring courses at the end of December.

Last Day for Supplementary Qualifications

If you need to supplement qualifications such as grades from the upper secondary school or other certificates, these need to be submitted on a deadline in order to be treated before the first selection.

Old Qualifications

Supplements for old qualifications should be submitted on the deadline for the autumn, spring and summer semesters respectively, April 15, October 15 and March 15.

Ongoing Studies

Supplementary qualifications that apply to ongoing studies should be submitted at the latest in the middle of June for the autumn and for the spring early in December.

If you are on your last semester of upper secondary school you must get your final school grades before you are qualified for admission to higher education institutions or universities. Therefore, you will only be able to apply for the places remaining in the summer courses.

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