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Good to Know About Your Application to The University of Gävle

The application deadline has now passed, and many future students have questions about their application. Here you will find the answers to some common questions.

If you Need to Supplement your Application

Actions and qualifications that are submitted after the supplement deadline count as late supplementary qualifications. If there are vacancies after the selection process, late supplementary qualifications may be included.

Supplementary qualifications are sent to:
University Admissions in Sweden
R 312
106 53 Stockholm

The qualifications are reviewed and registered by the date that they came in to the University Admissions. When the application is reviewed, you will get a message per e-mail or regular mail where you are urged to check your application details carefully. When your qualifications or supplementary qualifications have been registered, they appear on "My pages" (Universityadmissions.se)  .

Common Questions about the Application

On the portal of the Swedish Council for Higher Education , Universityadmissons.se, you will find current information on how admission works, further information about entry requirements and selection and the answers to the most common questions about the application.

Why Have I Become Unqualified?

If it says in your preliminary assessment or under "My pages" on Universityadmissons.se that you are unqualified to one or several courses/programmes you have applied for, it can be due to one of the following:

  • Your application has not been reviewed.

  • The course/programme has specific entry requirements that the system can not assess. In these cases, an administrator manually reviews your application to see if you satisfy the entry requirements for the course/programme you have applied for.

  • You have been exempted from entry requirements at an earlier occasion for a course/programme you have applied for. A granted exemption implies that you are exonerated from one or several entry requirements for a specific course/programme at a specific occasion and that you have not handed in a new application for exemption for the education you applied for this semester.

ÖS 999

If it says ÖS 999 as tariff in your admission decision it means that you are qualified but lack qualifications that give you a meritvärde* in one of the other selection groups. You are therefore placed in the selection group Other Applicants (ÖS).

This applies e g for applicants that whose final school grades from the upper secondary school are not registered on "Your pages" at Studera.nu but are still qualified e g through earlier academic studies.

 All applicants in the selection group ÖS get the tariff ÖS 999. Applicants in ÖS are ranked by the drawing of lots and are admitted if there are places left after all qualified applicants with a registered final grade from upper secondary school, adult or folk high school or the results from the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test and submitted their application before the application deadline have been admitted.

 Current information about selection rules and procedures and how you can acquire a tariff can be found under   "Platsfördelning och urval" ("Assignment and selection")   at Antagning.se

*) If you have the prior knowledge that is required (are qualified) your qualifications will be evaluated before the admission process (the selection). This means that an average value is calculated using your final grade from upper secondary school or adult or folk high school as basis. The tariff can also be your results from the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test or your earlier academic HE credits. Your tariff is used to compete with other applicants in the selection process.

What Does EB Mean?

If it says EB by an option in your admission decision, your application has not been treated. It can be due to that you have submitted a late application after application deadline. Late applications are treated before selection 2.

Can I Be Admitted if I am a Waiting List Applicant?

That depends on which course/programme you have applied for and which place you have on the waiting list.
It is not possible to answer whether a waiting list placement after the first selection will lead to that you are admitted in the second selection. Neither is it possible to answer to if you can be admitted if you are placed on the waiting list after the other selection..

I Have Forgotten to Accept my Admission. What Should I Do?

If you have forgotten to accept your admission and the deadline has passed, your application will be deleted. You have thereby lost your admission. If you were qualified for your application option, you can log in and reapply via Antagning.se and My pages. Follow the instructions on universityadmissions.se and reapply .

Published by: Liselotte Laurila Page responsible: Veronica Liljeroth Updated: 2022-03-04
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