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Late Application

After application deadline, you have the opportunity to submit a so-called late application. Late applications are placed in queue after the applications submitted on time and according to the date that the application was submitted.

Therefore it is important to submit your application as soon as possible.
Even if you have submitted a late application before the first selection, which takes place in early July/December, you are not guaranteed to be in this selection. If so, you have no possibility of accepting. In this case your application will be treated in the second selection and you will get your admission decision around the second week in August/January. However, keep close attention to Your pages (Mina sidor) and track your application in order not to miss a possible admission.  

Application After the Second Selection

After the second selection it may still be possible to get admitted. The courses that are still open for applicants have a clickable "Add" button rightmost of the application option at universityadmissons.se. If you are looking for general courses or using free-text search, remember to choose the correct semester. You will be admitted provided that you are qualified for the course/programme and that there are still places left.

During the period of admission from the waiting list and handling of late applications we unfortunately can not answer questions about how many vacancies remain or what the chances are of becoming admitted. Check your application status via "My pages" ("Mina sidor") at universityadmissons.se.

Have You Been Deleted in the Second Selection?

In the second selection, you may have been deleted if you have forgotten to accept your admission after the first selection. You may also have been deleted because you have been admitted to higher prioritized options. In that case you can reapply via universityadmissons.se. The requirement is that you have been admitted in the First selection round and the course/programme is still open för late application. Read the instructions  on how to reapply. Your reapplication will be treated as a late application

Published by: Liselotte Laurila Page responsible: Veronica Liljeroth Updated: 2020-09-14
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