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Supplementary Qualifications

If you are applying for a course for the first time or if you applied before 2008 you may need to confirm your general qualifications. If so, you need to send in a copy of your final school grades from upper secondary school or equivalent.

When you have submitted your application it will be a few days before the system is updated. After that, you can check if you have any registered qualifications at "Your pages" ("Dina sidor") at Studera.nu. You should complete your qualifications with your final school grade even if your academic qualifications have been registered. This is in order for you to, when necessary, get a tariff or confirm specific entry requirements.

If you have completed upper secondary school after the year 2000, most final school grades are automatically transferred through a national grade database. However, you should make sure that your upper secondary school is connected to this system, see more information at UHR webpage.

Older Academic and Foreign Qualification

If you have academic qualifications from before 1995 and they are not shown among your qualifications at Your pages (Dina sidor) you should you supplement your qualifications with these. If you have sent these in earlier it is also possible that they are in the system as a supplementary qualification for an earlier admission round. From the autumn 2009, older academic and foreign qualifications will be registered in the system but you will not be able to see them among your qualifications at Your pages (Dina sidor). They will only be available to the person processing your application. If you are uncertain of whether or not you have sent in qualifications earlier that are not shown, you can call 0771-550 720.
You can also get further information at antagning.se about the rules for supplementary qualification.

What Happens if I Submit My Supplementary Qualifications Too Late?

Documents submitted after the application deadline, but before the first selection are treated if there is time in the order that they have been submitted. If your supplementary qualification is submitted after the first selection, your application will be considered a late application based on the date on which the supplementary qualification was submitted. Supplementary qualifications may not be awarded after the supplementary qualification deadline.

Where Do I Send My Supplementary Qualifications?

All documents are sent to:  

PostNord Strålfors AB
Att: University Admissions in Sweden
R 312
SE-19081 Rosersberg

Your civic registration number or application number should be on all documents.

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