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FAQ for incoming exchange students

On this page, we have gathered the most common questions concerning exchange studies at University of Gävle.

Can I come as an exchange student to the University of Gävle?

To be able to come to University of Gävle as an exchange student, your home university needs to have an Inter-Institutional Agreement with our university. Please contact your university to see if there is such an agreement.

How do I apply for exchange studies at your university?

If your home university has an Inter-Institutional Agreement with us, they will contact us with your nomination. Once nominated, you will receive an email with information on how to apply and deadlines for the application. The email also includes a specific link to universityadmissions.se where you fill in your application.

What documents do I need to apply?

As part of your application, you need to upload four documents: Learning Agreement, Transcript of Records, Student's form (provided by us) and a copy of a valid ID/Passport.

When is the last application day for exchange studies?

The last nomination date for Autumn semester is April 1. The complete application must be uploaded at University Admission website by April 15.

For Spring semester the last nomination date is October 1 and your complete application must be received by University Admission by October 15.

How do I know if I have been accepted as an exchange student?

Once you have applied for the exchange, your application will be evaluated and you will be notified of the decision (accepted or not accepted) on the University Admissions website. Remember you must log in.

All the students who are accepted will receive a Welcome Letter (by email), from the International Office with more information about the upcoming exchange.

What Learning Agreement do I use?

Currently, the University of Gävle is encouraging Erasmus+ exchange students to use both the general Learning Agreement (provided by your home university) and the Online Learning Agreement (OLA). If your university does not use OLA, then the general Learning Agreement alone is acceptable.

Linnaeus-Palme and other exchange students will receive a Learnings Agreement from either us or form home university.

Where can I find the course catalogue?

We provide our course catalogue online. Read more about the courses.

Where do I apply for the courses?

Enter only the courses you will apply for in your Learning Agreement. Please print clearly and use capital letters. Make sure the course code is correct.

We cannot pre-assess your course selection prior to you applying for the exchange.

The first course of your exchange cannot be changed, so please ensure that that it is offered the correct period and semester. If you have questions about courses, please send an email to us.

Can I apply for a Swedish course?

Yes, the Swedish course is open for all exchange students. No previous knowledge is required.

When does the semester start?

The autumn semester is August–January and the spring semester is January–June. The academic year is divided into four periods. Period 1 is the first 10 weeks of the autumn semester followed by period 2 in the last 10 weeks. Period 3 and 4 are ten weeks each during the spring semester.

Read more about the exact dates for Academic Year

My semester at my home university overlaps with yours and I have to arrive later, is that ok?

That is fine but you do need to notify us of your late arrival. Send an email to us with your arrival date.

Is there an introduction for new students?

Yes, each semester there is an introduction day the week before the semester starts. Due to Covid-19, recent Introductions Days were online via Zoom. You can read more about the introduction as well as watch some information videos about the University of Gävle at our web page. Introduction Day for International Students.

I need my Arrival/Departure confirmation signed, what do I do?

Erasmus+ exchange students, once you have arrived you can send your Arrival confirmation to the International Office, by email, and we will sign it digitally. When you have finished your studies, send your Departure confirmation to the International Office and we will sign it digitally.

How to get started with my studies?

To be able to start your studies you need to create an account at the University of Gävle. You do that by following the 5 steps to get started. You can create your user account two weeks before the semester starts.

When creating an account you will have to use your Temporary Personal Number sometimes referred to as Civic No. or ID. Use all 12 digits! You can find this number in your acceptance letter from University Admissions. The number looks like this: yyyymmdd-TXXX.

It is your year, month and date of birth followed by T (for temporary) and XXX three digits. For example: 19950101-T000.

Where can I find my study schedule?

Timetables are updated 4 weeks before courses start. As a student at the University of Gävle you can find your timetables through our app or our online timetable search service. Find Your Timetable.

Is there a Student Union?

Yes! Gefle Student Union is run by students for the welfare and education of the students at the University. You can join the union and take part in all the activities they offer. Visit the Gefle Student Union.

How can I find accommodation?

In Gävle there are different student accommodation companies you can choose from. More information about Student Accommodation.

The International Office offers assistance to exchange students with applying with one of the companies – Gavlegårdarna. Once you are accepted on the exchange you will receive information, from the International Office, on how to apply to Gavlegårdarna. You cannot apply by yourself to Gavlegårdarna. Gavlegårdarna's student accommodation is a shared apartment or dormitory. You will get more information in the Welcome Letter.

I have questions about my exchange and/or courses, who do I contact?

Email the International Office for questions about:

  • exchange
  • accommodation
  • application.

Email Student support for questions about:

  • courses
  • Learning Agreements.
How do I get to Gävle?

The closest airport to Gävle is Stockholm Arlanda. From Arlanda you can take different trains to Gävle, either SJ or SL/UL. Read more about trains when you travel to and from Stockholm Arlanda. 

When are Swedish holidays?

There are a number of bank holidays in Sweden, also known as “red days”. Apart from these bank holidays, there are no official breaks or holidays in the Academic year. However, fewer lectures and classes are scheduled around Christmas and Easter.

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