Study at the University of Gävle

Do what 17 000 other students are already doing: study at the University of Gävle! We offer a wide range of unique and challenging programmes and courses. Here you will find teacher education and business studies, an applied criminology programme and a five-year-long Master of Science in engineering.

Wide range of programmes and courses in scenic surroundings

We offer you a choice of about 60 programmes and a large number of freestanding courses. You can study fulltime or part-time, study at nights, study remotely with campus-based course components or only online. If you choose to study on campus, you will have both Gävle city and Gävle central station within walking and biking distance. All our programmes and courses are taught on the same campus which will make you feel at home during your studies.

Study International Social Work in Sweden

Luul from Sweden, Nebras from Syria and Lucky from Nigeria are all students at the International Social Work Bachelor programme at the University of Gävle. We’ve asked them to share their experiences. It ranges from being in an international academic environment to their first impression of snow.

Our Programmes and Courses

Current programmes taught in English

A Campus where everything is close by

In one of Sweden’s most beautiful campuses, next to the park Regementsparken, Gävle River and the Boulogner Forest, you can study with easy access to an excellent library. In our Library, there is course literature and reference works, as well as individual study places, group study rooms, silent rooms and staff with expertise in the field. Our lecturers at the University of Gävle are available to our students, and we offer several support services for our students, for example, student health care, study counselling and guidance and a studentombud from the Gefle Student Union.

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Programmes that lead to jobs

It is important to us that all our programmes here at the University of Gävle lead to jobs. We collaborate to a great extent with the private sector as well as with municipalities and regions to give our students work experience. Certain programmes have placements, while others carry out projects in collaboration with enterprises. In addition, several engineering programmes offer the form of education called Co-op, in which you as a student combine theoretic studies with paid work periods at a company.

Our international programmes

Today the University has more than 90 international partnerships, resulting in a large number of international students. Moreover, the on-going international exchange of Gävle faculty members and lecturers create a stable foundation for the University´s international network of educational programs and research projects. We also have a number of full time programmes taught in English.

Master programme in business administration attracts students from all over the world

The student city Gävle

In Gävle, we put our students in the centre of attention. An active student union and several student associations will make your time as a student great fun, so you can be sure that your studies will be truly memorable. Moreover, Gävle is a proper sport municipality with a wide range of cultural events and plenty of shopping opportunities and often students are offered discounts.

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University of Gävle study scholarship

All students who are obliged to pay a tuition fee at the University can apply for a Gävle Study Scholarship. Since 2011, over five million Swedish crowns have been awarded to promising, excellent and hardworking students from all over the world.

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Accommodation guarantee for students

The Municipality of Gävle guarantees students at the University of Gävle student accommodation. You can choose between a traditional student dorm or having your own flat. Accommodations can be found in several different areas in Gävle and some of them are very close to the University campus. The area around campus is continuously being developed, and right now 400 housing units with shops and a café only 500 meters from campus are being completed.

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Study where you are – in Sweden or abroad

Exchanging experiences with people and higher education institutions in other cultures has a long tradition at the University of Gävle. If you would like to travel, there are plenty of opportunities to study abroad for a period of time, either through our exchange programmes or via collaboration projects financed by SIDA. The University also welcomes a large number of international students. Such exchanges are often carried out via our partnerships with other higher education institutions in Europe, Asia and North America.

A sustainable University

Sustainable development is very important for us here at the University of Gävle. For this reason, we offer a number of programmes which specialize in the environment and sustainable development. Since 2004, the University is environmentally certified, and we are continuously improving all that we do to contribute to a more sustainable planet.

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