Courses and Forms of Study

Your range of options

You can choose from several different subjects and degree programmes, how and where you wish to study and at what place. The University of Gävle facilitates the possibility of studying on your terms.

Distance Learning

Do you live far away from Gävle? Is your family rooted in your home town? Are you working but looking for inspiration and development in addition to work? Regardless of the situation you find yourself in at the moment, you can study with us. We offer several distance learning degree programmes and a large range of courses.

  • Distance and Decentralized Learning

Teacher Training

The University of Gävle has extensive experience in educating teachers. We educate teachers for preschool, primary and secondary school, as well as upper secondary school. In all these areas we have extensive experience and a high level of competence.

Continuing Professional Development/Contract Education

The University of Gävle offers continued professional development for municipalities, authorities, organizations and companies. We also offer one-off lectures and short and long courses.

Read more about our contract education

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