Student City of the Year: five reasons to study in Gävle

Gävle has been awarded the prize Student City of the Year 2017/2018 by the Swedish National Union of Students, SFS. The prize is proof of the fact that the University, the city of Gävle and Gefle Student Union together have worked well for the students.

Here are five important reasons why Gävle is a good choice for your studies.

1. Student accommodation for everyone.

Gävle guarantees accommodation for all students, which means that if you choose to study here, you will be made an offer for accommodation no later than two weeks after the start of the semester.

“Students need somewhere to live. This municipality has made an effort and during the last four years, we have seen an enormous increase in the number of student accommodations,” says Helene Åkerlind, deputy chair of the municipal executive board.

In 2018 a new housing area is being built in Kungsbäck, where our campus is located.

“Students have asked for student accommodation and regular housing, larger than one-room flats, and a shop. And this is all happening now,” Helene Åkerlind says.

2. Students are invited to influence their situation

Ylva Fältholm, rektor.

The Swedish National Union of Students emphasises in their motivation how well the University has Gävle has worked to make their students’ voices heard in allowing them to influence its activities and its education.

A prerequisite for winning the prize Student City of the Year is that the whole city works for the welfare of all students and their living conditions. Gävle does exactly that! The collaboration between Gefle Student Union, the University, and Gävle Municipality has been very successful in recent years.

“Our collaboration is very good. We work very proactively and pay attention to existing problems instead of telling ourselves that everything is perfect,” says Linda Hernandez, chair of Gefle Student Union.

“It is very important that our students are with us and active in different contexts, since they contribute very much to developing the quality in our education,” Vice-Chancellor Ylva Fältholm says.

At the University of Gävle, the students are placed in the centre, which the fact that the students are invited to create the recruitment campaign of the year, called MadeBYStudents, makes clear.

Read more about MadeByStudents here

3.The whole Campus concentrated in one location, easy to get to

One of all the positive aspects that The Swedish National Union of Students mentions in their motivation is the infrastructure around the University of Gävle.

It is easy to get to the University, and its campus is concentrated in space, only a 15-minutes’ walk from the city centre. There are good cycle lanes which take you here and, naturally, there are buses from the city centre and to Campus Sätra, where some student accommodation is located.

4. The close contact with employers and the rest of society

The University of Gävle has worked hard for several years to develop its collaboration with the business sector and the surrounding society. A number of collaborations have emerged as a result, which give students in Gävle good opportunities to create their own contacts with future employers.

One example is our co-op programmes in which you alternate between studying and working (with pay!). A co-op programmes means that a regular three-year programme takes four years to complete, but in return you gain almost a whole year of work experience.

5. Its unique and beautiful location

Our campus is situated in a scenic area with the Regiment park and the Boulogner Forest close by. Moreover, there is the adjacent city garden, an excursion spot and place for recreation and rest for not only students but for everyone. Gävle River runs through the entire Boulogner area and gives plenty of opportunities for free fishing and a refreshing swim in the reactively recently completed city beach with its beach volleyball courts.

Within walking distance from campus, there are running routes, a miniature golf course, a driving range for golf players and of the best Frisbee golf courts in the country. Gävle Konstcentrum, a platform for Swedish and international contemporary art situated only a few hundred meters from our campus, offers us a great variation of exhibitions and lectures all year round. A bit further down the street, you will find Gävle Konserthus. Although Gävle’s concert hall houses Gävle’s own symphony orchestra, it does not limit itself to arranging concerts of classical music but offers its audience a wide variety of genres from rock and pop to folk music.

Student voices about what is good with Gävle

John Ajifowowe, 26, studies the master programme in logistics and innovation.

John Ajifowowe

“I like the fact that there is a lot of woodland and good walking and cycle lanes. The inhabitants of Gävle are easy to talk to and they are good listeners. I often ask directions for different places around town.”

Amanda Berglund, 24 år, 26, studies the master programme in logistics and innovation.

Amanda Berglund

“There is a little bit of everything here. Me and my partner would like to live abroad for a while, but would love to move back here to Gävle later. There are different kinds of sport and a lot industries here, so we will both be able to get jobs.”

Olof Mård, 29, studies the Human resources and labour relations programme.

Olof Mård

“It is a cosy town which develops all the time. There is a range of activities for all ages and seasons. The fact that it is close to Stockholm, Uppsala and Kungsberget is also appealing.”

Erika Jansson, 24, studies the Human resources and labour relations programme.

Erika Jansson

“It is a cosy town in which everything is nearby. Boulognern is a nice area, and everyone is nice here. I live in a student flat, and it is good that there is a student accommodation guarantee. It gives students a sense of security.”

Ida Pellika, 21, studies the programme in real estate brokering.

Ida Pellika

“I like the student social life which gives you a sense of belonging. And I like the fact that the University is not very big because it creates a sense of familiarity and a great atmosphere.”

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