Examples of Support Measures

In order for you to get access to educational support, you need to submit a certificate to confirm that you have a disability. Contact the Coordinator for students with disabilities before the start of your course

Audio Books and More

If you have difficulties reading printed text due to a reading disability, you can access the course literature via audio books, e-books or Braille. You may borrow course books free of charge at Swedish Agency for Accessible Media (MTM). If the book is available as an audio book, you may borrow it directly from MTM or via the University Library. However, recording new literature may take a long time, so be sure to place your order well in advance. You may borrow a DAISY player free of charge via MTM. You can also choose to listen to the books on a computer. More information is available at www.mtm.se

Contact talbok@hig.se for more information.

Reading and Writing Programmes

Stava Rex and Spell Right, writing help in Word and Claro Studio with, amongst other things, Claro Read Pro, speaking text, is available to download on your personal computer. These programmes are also available in our resource room in house 51.

Resource/computer Room

There is a computer cluster in Building 51, primarily for students with dyslexia. The computers here are equipped with different forms of support programs. There is also a computer with support programs for visually impaired students. Contact the Coordinator in order to access the cluster. The library also holds special resources/reading spots for students with dyslexia. Contact the library staff for more information.

Note-taking Assistance

If, due to a disability, you are unable to take notes during lectures and seminars, note-taking assistance may be arranged. Most often, a student on your course will be hired for the task.

Alternative Examination

Special arrangements may be required in exam situations, such as extended time or oral exam as a complement to a written exam. Contact the Course Leader/Examiner to discuss alternative solutions. There is separate information regarding special arrangements in written exams.

Any Other Needs

If you are in need of adaptations and support, do not hesitate to ask. You are always welcome to contact the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities and the Student Health Care Centre to discuss a solution. It may take time to arrange the solution that suits your needs, so contact us well in advance.

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