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Bridging Secondary and Upper Secondary Teacher Programme 90 cr

Have you already completed a university programme in one or more subjects relevant to teaching and are you thinking of becoming a teacher? Then we can offer you our Bridging Secondary Teacher Programme (KPU).

Multiple possibilities

After completing the programme, you could either teach subjects in secondary school or in year 7–9 of primary school. To teach at a secondary school level you are required to have at least 120 credits in one subject and to teach year 7–9 of primary school you need at least 90 credits in one subject. At the University of Gävle, you can apply to KPU if you have credits in one or more of the following subjects: Biology, English, Physics, Geography, History, Chemistry, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Religion, Swedish, Swedish as a second language, Technology.

Please note:

If Natural Science is your only subject you need 120 credits, since this subject is only taught in secondary school and you are always required to have at least 120 credits in one subject to get a degree valid to teach at secondary school level. If Swedish is included in combination with another subject, you must always have 120 credits of Swedish to get a degree valid to teach at secondary school level.

Distance education

This programme is also available as full time distance education. Distance education in this case means that you will have no more than six seminars on campus. The examination will take place on campus as well.

Excellent prospects

The demand for teachers varies depending on the region, city and subject. There is currently a large supply of history and social sciences teachers while the numbers are balanced or deficient with regard to other subjects. Over the next few years, a large number of teachers will retire. The market for qualified teachers is therefore considered to be in good shape.

Application information


General entry requirements and

  • at least 90 credits in any of the following subjects: biology, English, physics, geography, history, chemistry, mathematics, religious studies, social studies, Swedish, Swedish as a second language, technology
  • at least 120 credits in the subject sciences studies

At least 15 credits of the subject studies must be an thesis (degree project).
The subject studies must contain both the breadth and depth required for teaching in the corresponding school subject.

The subject studies must be completely completed before admission to the program can take place.


Form of study
Application *
Autumn semester 2023
Distance learning
2023 - 2025

Number of participants: 30

Location: Gävle

Aplication code: HIG-19203

Language: Swedish

Pace: Full-time

Selection: Higher education credit

*) The online application at Antagning.se opens approximately one month before application deadline.


Programme Director

Ingrid Nordqvist

Högskolan i Gävle
Box 801 76 GÄVLE
026-64 85 00 (växel)