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Master Programme in Decision, Risk and Policy Analysis 60 cr

We as people have great limitations as decision-makers. Often, decisions are made under great uncertainty and many factors influence the process.

Strengthen your decision-making ability

Decision, risk and policy analysis is a part-time distance programme which teaches you to handle complicated decision-making problems, detect and assess the magnitude of risks and design policies with ease. Scientific methods and results can be used to make decisions and assess risks, at the same time as computer programs are rapidly developed in order to handle complicated problems.

Apply the theory in practice

The education has a theoretical basis in decision theory, measure and value theory and cognitive psychology. These theoretical parts are applied in concrete approaches to problems obtained from local and regional authorities. These may relate to procurement considerations, budgetary work or diagnosis and prioritization within healthcare. The objective is to provide you with the knowledge and practical skills to facilitate the making of complicated decisions.

Problems from your professional role are integrated in the education

During the education you can choose a project or an approach to a problem which connects to your previous or current activity. The objective of the programme is to provide you with the knowledge and practical skills which facilitate the making of complicated decisions within business, administration and healthcare. You can also utilize the education for analysing, assessing and remedying risks as well as for designing policies.

The programme is given on distance, in Swedish.

Application information


Qualified for the master's programme are those who have a first-cycle qualification of at least 180 HE credits or equivalent foreign higher education qualification.

General requirements in Swedish and English from upper secondary school


Form of study
Application *
Autumn semester 2023
Distance learning
2023 - 2025

Number of participants: 80

Location: Ortsoberoende

Aplication code: HIG-19103

Language: Swedish

Pace: Half-time

Selection: Higher education credit

*) The online application at Antagning.se opens approximately one month before application deadline.


Programme Director

Anders Hermansson

Högskolan i Gävle
Box 801 76 GÄVLE
026-64 85 00 (växel)