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Study Programme in Environmental Engineering (Co-op) 180 cr

Clean drinking water and swimming in the lakes are taken for granted here in Sweden. In order for the water supply and wastewater treatment to continue to function maintenance is required as well as modernisation and innovative development of the technology.

Crucial knowledge for sustainable development

On the BSc Engineering course, "Environmental Engineer with focus on water and wastewater technology" (Co-op), 180 credits, you will learn the crucial determining factors for society’s effort to attain sustainable development. Your studies will include water and waste water technology, waste management, environmental assessment and the use of CAD- and GIS-tools.

The core focus will be on environmental technology but the course includes mathematics, chemistry, biology, hydrology, energy systems, community planning and business economics. Work on many large projects will be a part of the course, undertaken in close collaboration with businesses and organisations.

Exciting career opportunities

The course, "Environmental Engineer with the focus on water and wastewater technology" is very timely. With an ongoing generation replacement in the branch, newly qualified engineers with knowledge of water technology are very sought after on the job market. A course including environment issues and water technology can be the foundation for exciting work in the private sector. The demand for e.g. qualified personnel on water technology projects will increase considerably in the next five to ten years

Future demands on competence in the field

The course is designed according to the branch description of the future requirement of competence. On completion of the course you will be able to work with, for example, water treatment, waste management, environmental assessment or as an environ­mental consultant within both the public and private sectors. Future employers could be a municipal wastewater company, industry or a firm of consultants.

The qualification makes you eligible for the continuation of your studies towards a Master’s degree at the University of Gävle and several other universities in Sweden.

Choose "Co-op" and gain meaningful work experience

In order to become even more attractive on the job market you can opt for studying the Co-op course and gain work experience by combining studies with periods of paid work in a company. You won’t get closer to reality than that at an institution of higher education!

Application information


General entry requirements for higher education in Sweden and courses corresponding to the following Swedish Upper Secondary School courses:

  • Mathematics 3c or Mathematics D
  • Physics 2
  • Chemistry 1


Form of study
Application *
Autumn semester 2023
Distance learning
2023 - 2026

Number of participants: 15

Location: Gävle

Aplication code: HIG-19109

Language: Swedish

Pace: Full-time

Selection: Grade/Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test: 60/40 %

*) The online application at Antagning.se opens approximately one month before application deadline.


Programme Director

Zhao Wang

Högskolan i Gävle
Box 801 76 GÄVLE
026-64 85 00 (växel)