Alumni interviews

Read interviews with some of our alumnis from the Master Programme in Business Administration. They will tell you about what they like about the programme and what it was like to study in Gävle.

Ukpemeobong Usen Ibokette

University education/programme: MSc. Business and Economics with Majors in Business Administration

What year did you complete your degree? 2020

Age: 32

Home country: Nigeria

Current city/country of residence: Gävle

Current job/profession: Project Management

Current place of employment:

Hobbies and interests: Reading, meeting new friends, and playing chess.

The MBA program is such that real world scenarios are mirrored and every project is given to address the problems of the world

If you haven’t started working yet, what are your job plans and career ambitions for the future?

I’m looking forward to starting an amazing career in Project management.

Tell us a little about your profession, how you ended up in this field and what has been influential in making decisions along the way.

Project management in the nutshell is leading a designated team to achieve a set out goal within a certain timeframe and cost. I love coordinating a whole a lot, and possess excellent communication skills, so I figured out that this will be my space.

What is the best thing about your job/profession?

Not monotonous, It requires you thinking on your feet always.

How have your studies at the University of Gävle shaped your choice of profession and/or your path to that profession?

Studying at the University of Gävle was a dream come true for me, I had researched the course content prior to my resumption, I loved the fact that the entire program is interdisciplinary in nature. Once you diligently go through the MBA program, you have no bounds to what you can achieve.

How have you benefitted (or how do you think you will benefit) from your education in your working career?

There are so many things I’d love to mention. But I’ll just say a few. Excellent communication skills, project Management skills, collaboration skills and the big one presentation skills, The MBA program is such that real world scenarios are mirrored and every project is given to address the problems of the world. My confidence level went up, because I got to be presenting almost every other day before my professors and colleagues.

What do you especially remember from your time at the University of Gävle?

University of Gävle makes you international, the exposure, the depth of knowledge from our professors are the amazing things I love about this school, everyone is always willing to help.

What was it like to move to Sweden and to Gävle?

I was uncertain, but yet still I believed God it would be worthwhile, and hence I was ready to explore.

What is the best thing about Sweden and Gävle?

Sweden is such a beautiful country, I’m always very particular about environmental sustainability, for me, I will say Sweden is the number compliant country in the world on that. I’m so in love with Gävle, because it’s a small and very cosy city.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for other students who want to move to Sweden and study?

I’ll say, they should be open minded, ready to explore and above all be diligent in their studies. I’ll love to add, the Swedish educational system is very demanding. They should be willing to invest sufficient time in their studies.

What are your plans for the future?

Gather sufficient experience in my career. I look forward to establishing SMEs in my country that will focus on food, clothing and shelter, by creating employment opportunities.

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