Master Programme in Electronics/Automation (online) 60 cr

The postgraduate programme is a one-year programme and requires an undergraduate (B.Sc.) degree for admission. The programme is entirely given in English and on distance.

About the studies

The aim of the programme is to give the student advanced knowledge of Electronics specialized in Automation. The Master studies are based on a previously achieved B. Sc. degree in Electronics, Physics, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent. An advanced theoretical program is offered, with assignments and projects with modern methods.

The programme is built up of following courses:
Sensors and Measurement Technology 7.5 cr
Statistical Signal Processing 7.5 cr
Multivariable and Nonlinear Control Systems 7.5 cr
Computerized Image Processing and Machine Vision 7.5 cr
Advanced Digital Control Systems 7.5 cr
Robotics 7.5 cr
Master's Thesis in Electronics 15 cr

After the studies

The programme aims to give the student qualifications for advanced engineering in relevant industry­ as well as qualifications for Ph.D. studies.


  • Master of Science (60 Credits)

More information

Education plan

Application information


A completed Bachelor's degree, corresponding to a Swedish Bachelor's degree (180 cr), or equivalent academic qualifications from an internationally recognised university. - Electronics as Major 90 cr - at least 30 cr mathematics including linear algebra, multivariable analysis and stochastic processes - courses Algoritms and datastructures 7.5 cr, Applied Mechanics II 7.5 cr, Signal Processing 7.5 cr, and Control Theory 7.5 cr or corresponding. English language proficiency equivalent to (the Swedish upper secondary school) English course 6.


University credits


Application *
Autumn 2023
Distance learning
2023 - 2025
Number of participants: 30
Location: Ortsoberoende
Application code: HIG-19702
Language: English
Pace: Half-time
Autumn 2023
Distance learning
2023 - 2025
Number of participants: 15
Location: Ortsoberoende
Application code: HIG-19711
Language: English
Pace: Half-time

*) The online application at opens approximately one month before application deadline.

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