Environmental Strategist 180 cr

Within the field of environmental and sustainable development there is a need for greater competence which will increase in the future given the global population growth rate, the rise in consumption and greater demand for limited resources. All this, needless to say, places a greater burden on the environment.

Create the prerequisites for a sustainable development of society

In order to avoid enormous problems for humanity preventative measures, continuous follow-ups of environmental factors, an increased efficiency of the use of energy and resources, and adaption of society to the limited resources of the earth are vital. That is where you, as environmental strategist come in.

Unique combination

The combination of environmental technology, environmental psychology and community planning is unique in Swedish institutions of higher education.

  • Environmental technology – this concerns learning about new technology and its environmental capabilities within, for example, fields such as buildings, water, waste management, energy and transport.
  • Environmental psychology – necessary to be able to understand and critically examine how individuals act, as citizens and consumers, but also as decision makers in businesses and organisations.
  • Community planning –how we plan our society and create prerequisites for sustainability in everyday life, based on the need for material, energy and transport.

Together these insights reveal the consequences of different strategies in the effort towards less environmental impact and sustainable development.

Significant growth both nationally and internationally

As an environmental strategist you work within the business world and the public sector creating long term sustainable living environments for humans, animals and plants. Your work, both now and in the future aims to help Sweden reach environmental quality objectives such as limited climate impact and satisfactory built environments.

Environmental and sustainability issues have become strategically important within more and more businesses in Sweden.  There is a general need to increase competence within the field in the public sector.  It is also a field of significant growth at the international level.

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