Courses within the programme


Environmental Strategist 180 cr

Overview of the courses that make up the programme:

Year 1

Semester 2
Waste Management 7.5 cr
Field Environmental Engineering

After completing the course students will be able to
1. describe collection and sorting of waste with regard to various technical systems and the implications of producer responsibility
2. describe various waste treatment technologies (landfilling, thermal and biological treatment, and material recycling) of waste in terms of technical function and their related environmental impact
3. describe how waste can be prevented with respect to amount and hazardous content
4. explain how a waste management system can be designed and how it interacts with the environment
5. analyse potential improvements in waste management with application of the waste hierarchy
6. investigate and understand the causes and effects of waste management


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Year 2

Year 3

Semester 1
Environmental economics and management 7.5 cr
Field Industrial Economics, Environmental Engineering

The course focuses on how economics function in the society and influence the environment, and how management tools can be used to benefit the environment and sustainability.


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Semester 2
Sustainability management 7.5 cr
Field Industrial Economics

The course focuses on understanding of strategies and challenges in changes for sustainable development industrial companies based on current research and case studies.


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