Industrial Design, 180 cr

As an industrial designer, your work is to develop products, environments and services. You do so in close collaboration with end-users and producers.

Knowledge about the entire process

The programme has both theoretical and practical elements. It is based on a holistic approach. You need to have both an interest in and a talent for aesthetic forms of expression. The programme includes the entire process: from idea and commission to a finished solution. You will get to apply your knowledge using modern tools towards a clear end-result.

Local profile: Raw materials of the forest and sustainability

The programme gives you a wide range of skills. There is a connection to the research into new materials, primarily raw materials from the forest. This connection is a central part of the programme. Designs for a sustainable society creates new responsible challenges.


Innovative thinking is essential. Creative problem-solving and product innovation is supported by the latest methods to come out of artistic research.

Future After

completing the programme, you will be able to work as a consultant with employers from various industries. Commissioned projects are common and will often lead to permanent employment. Skilled industrial designers are attractive on the labour market.

Once you have completed your undergraduate studies, you can continue to a national or international master's degree.

Application information

General entry requirements



Application *
Autumn 2023
Normal teaching
2023 - 2026
Number of participants: 20
Location: Gävle
Application code: HIG-19210
Language: Swedish
Pace: Full-time

*) The online application at opens approximately one month before application deadline.

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