Study Programme in Building Engineering 180 cr

If the architect is the visionary and the craftsman is the typical practicioner, there is a need for someone in the middle. As a constructional engineer you are the one who takes the architect's wild ideas and creates the conditions for the building to become reality.

We provide you with the tools to build your own and other people's future

During the course of the programme you will primarily study different courses in structural engineering — such as building physics, mechanics of materials, construction and CAD. But in order for you to understand the entire construction process and to be able to contribute to a long-term sustainable construction you will also learn the basics of architecture and environmental engineering.

Project based education

The education is project based. This means that you get to apply your knowledge in practice as early as during the studies, something which is much appreciated both by students and by future employers.

Application information

General entry requirements for higher education in Sweden and courses corresponding to the following Swedish Upper Secondary School courses: - Mathematics 3c or Mathematics D - Physics 2 - Chemistry 1



Application *
Autumn 2023
Normal teaching
2023 - 2026
Number of participants: 40
Location: Gävle
Application code: HIG-19100
Language: Swedish
Pace: Full-time

*) The online application at opens approximately one month before application deadline.

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