Courses within the programme


Study Programme in Building Engineering 180 cr

Overview of the courses that make up the programme:

Year 1

Semester 2
Building physics 7.5 cr
Field Energy Technology, Building Engineering

On completion of the course, the student should have advanced knowledge about and be able to explain heat and moisture transfer occurring in connection to buildings. The student should be able to calculate thermal and moisture-technnical states in building components and buildings, and quantitatively determine the effect and energy demands of these.


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Year 2

Semester 1
Building Energy Systems I 7.5 cr
Field Building Engineering, Energy Systems

The purpose of this course is to provide the technical and physical knowledge necessary for design, and also principles of dimensioning of technical installations for the climate control of buildings. The course also intends to provide knowledge about how the technical systems influence the design of the building plan, concerning placing and space requirements.


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Year 3

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