Study Programme in Industrial Management and Logistics, 180 cr

How do we create customer satisfaction? Among other things, by ensuring that the chain from idea to finished product or service runs as smooth as possible.

Combine the conquest of technology with the core of the economy

The Study Programme in Industrial Management and Logistics exists on the border between technology and economy. You will study logistics, quality control, environmental engineering and organization, subjects which you will need to master in order to develop processes based on a customer focused approach. The fundamental idea is to provide you with a comprehensive view, the ability to take initiative and an approach to work which can be of beneficial to you in your future working life.

Expansive labour market with many different alternatives

Within logistics and quality, the positions are plentiful.  The labour market is Expansive and you could work within trade and industry as well as within the public sector, municipalities and county councils.  Many previous students work within logistics development, sales/marketing, environmental management, product and production development. An often occurring commission is the role of project leader.

Application information

General entry requirements for higher education in Sweden and courses corresponding to the following Swedish Upper Secondary School courses: - Mathematics 3b or 3c or Mathematics C - Social studies 1 b or 1a1+1a2 - English 6



Application *
Autumn 2023
Normal teaching
2023 - 2026
Number of participants: 40
Location: Gävle
Application code: HIG-19111
Language: Swedish
Pace: Full-time

*) The online application at opens approximately one month before application deadline.

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