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Study Programme in Industrial Management and Logistics

Overview of the courses that make up the programme:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Semester 1
Environmental economics and management 7.5 hp
Field Industrial Economics, Environmental Engineering

The course focuses on how economics function in the society and influence the environment, and how management tools can be used to benefit the environment and sustainability.

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Semester 2
Logistics and supply chain management 7.5 hp
Field Industrial Economics

Logistics Management covers activities associated with the flow of materials, services and information, and is mostly concerned with coordination, planning, control and development. Supply Chain Management is even more comprehensive than Logistics Management and has a holistic view of flows of materials and information in industrial businesses as well as collaborative inter-firm relations. After completing this course, the student is expected to:

1. Present a broad knowledge of the various fields within Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

2. Apply methods for analysing and suggesting improvements for organisations and their businesses based on the Logistics and the Supply Chain Management concepts.

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