Study Programme in Media and communication 180 cr

We live today in a period of time that is perhaps the most media intensive and transformational, from a technical point of view, ever. Man’s media habits are changing in symbiosis with digital technology and globalisation. This development requires both knowledge of the media and skills in how to handle them.

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The Study Programme in Media and communication is a broad and comprehensive programme of education which provides both analytical skills in the art of following media developments and practical skills about communication in words and pictures.

The primary area of the Media and Communication programme focuses on all the mediated communication in society, its various meanings and functions. It includes the study of the media's external and production conditions, their content and forms of expression, as well as their influence and significance in society at large, for various groups and for individuals.

The programme leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree – with all the possibilities of continuing and extended studies.

From text to disclosure: Focus – professional writing

On the Study Programme in Media and communication, which focuses on professional writing, you will learn how to write for a new media publicity. You will gain practice in literary production as well as journalism. Most writing courses begin at the opposite end  – as a student, you are forced to choose a professional identity before you have had time to give serious consideration to exploring your writing capabilities. You have to choose between being a journalist, copywriter or publicist without really having investigated whether or not that was what you really wanted to become. In this area of specialisation within the Communication programme we instead place writing at the centre and allow the student to conduct his/her own experiments by exploring the texts and the genres to find out where the best prospects exist.

From analysis to project: Focus – Communicator

In the modern information society, the ability to manage information on the basis of a structured analysis of a problem and selecting the right message are both coveted and valuable skills. On the Study Programme in Media and communication, by choosing communicator as you specialisation, you will learn just that. You will develop your ability to inform, argue, and communicate and you will also be given training in managing projects and working in organisations. We study the properties of the different media – how they differ, what their different strengths and weaknesses are, and how modern media are used as a means of communication in different situations. 

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