Study Programme in Real Estate Brokering, 180 cr

The Estate Agency Programme is perhaps the one study programme above all others which has put the University of Gävle on the map. It is not just the university programme of its kind that has existed in Sweden the longest. It also has a unique design which supplements the basic estate agency knowledge with cutting edge expertise within sales and marketing, something which will give you a particularly valuable competitive advantage within the industry.

Attractive education with the best career opportunities

The programme has a great reputation and after having completed the education you will be a valuable asset for a great number of employers all over the country. Potential future work places include traditional estate agencies as well as banks and other sectors of the property industry.

Start working straight away or further your education with a Bachelor´s degree

Our extensive network of contacts provides you with the best possible conditions for starting your career. Choose if you want to study for two years and start working as an estate agent. Or further your education with an additional year and exit with an even broader education and a Bachelor of Science degree on your CV.

Application information

General entry requirements for higher education in Sweden and courses corresponding to the following Swedish Upper Secondary School courses: - Mathematics 3b or 3c or Mathematics C - Social studies 1 b or 1a1+1a2 - English 6



Application *
Autumn 2022
Normal teaching
2022 - 2025
Not open *
Number of participants: 110
Location: Gävle
Application code: HIG-19021
Language: Swedish
Pace: Full-time

*) The online application at opens approximately one month before application deadline.

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