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Study Programme in Education for the Secondary School

Overview of the courses that make up the programme:

Year 1

Semester 2
Swedish for teachers in grades 4-6 30 hp

The course intends to provide basic didactic and theoretical knowledge in the subjects of Swedish and literature, which together constitute the school subject of Swedish. Language, reading and writing acquisition in the early adolescence is studied in the course. The historical development and genres of children's and youth literature is studied. The student also carries out practical teaching in the subject of Swedish and practises the ability to reflect on didactics and to problematise the teaching in Swedish.

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Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Semester 2
Degree thesis for middle school teachers 4-6: English in a Didactics Perspective 30 hp

The course addresses the use of scientific method and theory as well as the relationship between scientific and empirical knowledge and their importance for working as a teacher including methods for teaching English for students in year 4-6. Furthermore, methods for scientific presentation, ethical principles in reaserch and academic writing are conveyed. The student investigate a subject specific reaserch question from a didactic perspective and document it in a scientific report which is defended orally in a seminar. In addition the student will independently and critically evaluate another student's thesis work in a seminar.

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