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Master Programme in Business Administration, Accounting 60 cr

Do you want in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge in accounting and auditing? With us, you get a unique 1-year Master’s degree where practical skills are combined with in-depth theoretical knowledge, and you will be ready for tomorrow's career in accounting and auditing. Warm welcome to us!

An education that deepens your knowledge

The University of Gävle gives you in-depth knowledge in accounting and auditing where we mix practically oriented tasks with theoretical lectures and in-depth analyses. The education program covers, for example, sub-topics such as financial accounting, sustainability reporting, auditing, accounting analysis/valuation and corporate governance.

The program contains six courses that extend knowledge from a typical bachelors’ degree in business, and it is ended with an independently written advanced master thesis. Your education will contain essential elements of quantitative scientific methods and numerical analyses. It also contains essential elements of sustainability and discussions of how it permeates today's and tomorrow's reporting.

An international, analytical and practical education

Our focus is consistently international, the language is English, and the educational methods stimulate discussion in small groups. We work together with the audit industry to partly get their perspective, partly to create bridges between you and future employers.

The idea is simply that you develop your knowledge and skills through engagement and activity. The training is given on our campus in Gävle, where two courses are read in parallel with meetings a few times per week. We adapt time-tables to make it possible to commute from Stockholm/Uppsala.

After the education, you have the knowledge and skills needed to start a successful career in auditing, accounting and closely related fields.


Programme Director

Mattias Hamberg

Högskolan i Gävle
Box 801 76 GÄVLE
026-64 85 00 (växel)