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Master Programme in Energy Engineering, Energy Online 60 cr

The purpose of the degree programme is to provide state-of-the-art education in the fields of energy engineering by means of economically and environmentally sustainable systems and technologies.The goal comprises increasing the efficiency of the systems for the best possible rational use of resources such as labour, capital, raw-material and energy as well as warding off threatening environmental changes.

About the studies

The term sustainable energy engineering com­prises a wide array of practices, policies and technologies (conventional and renewable/alternative) aimed at providing energy at the least financial, environmental and social cost.

A strong emphasis is placed on dealing with energy engineering tasks with due consideration of technical, environmental and socioeconomic issues. Advanced methods are applied to identify, describe, quantify and find solutions to a diverse range of energy engineering problems. The ­programme provides proficiency in project design and implementation, operation and maintenance, as well as in crucial phases of policy generation.
The official language throughout the studies is English. There are no restrictions related to geographical location. The program is a distance-based educational program and all courses can be followed online (the lectures notes will be available online on a web-based learning management system for watching at any time).
However, some courses have occasions such as seminars or project presentations as an examination moment where the student needs to be visibly and orally present online.

Energy Systems 7,5 ECTS
Building Energy Systems 7,5 ECTS
Renewable Energy Resources 7.5 ECTS
Energy Management 7,5 ECTS
Industrial Energy Systems 6 ECTS
Energy Systems Optimisation and Simulation 6 ECTS
Scientific Methods and Writing in Energy Engineering 3 ECTS
Thesis Project 15 ECTS

Ph. D. Nawzad Mardan, nadman@hig.se

After the studies

The labour market for a master's degree in energy engineering exists, for example, at the energy companies, the processing industry, and within the consultant and contract business. Expected tasks are, for example, research and development, project management and efficiency improvement in the field of energy engineering.


Master of Science (60 Credits)


Form of study
Application *
Autumn semester 2024
Distance learning
2024 - 2025

Number of participants: 15

Location: Ortsoberoende

Aplication code: HIG-19718

Language: English

Pace: Full-time

Autumn semester 2024
Distance learning
2024 - 2025

Number of participants: 30

Location: Ortsoberoende

Aplication code: HIG-19708

Language: English

Pace: Full-time

*) The online application at Antagning.se opens approximately one month before application deadline.

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