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Master Programme in Energy Systems 60 cr

In the future, more people with technical educations will be needed in order to meet the demands for efficient energy usage and renewable energy. During the course of the programme, you will expand your knowledge about energy systems as applied to regional, industrial and building contexts.

The future needs sustainable energy systems

In order to create a sustainable living environment, the current energy systems shall be made more efficient both when it comes to usage and energy production.

Many fields of work

After you have completed the programme, you can work as an engineer within construction, development, project planning, contract and administration. Energy companies, consulting firms, the industry, the property business, etc. have a great demand for engineers to develop the energy systems of the future.

Labour market with long-term requirements

There is presently a great demand for students with a degree in energy-related fields, and the high demand is anticipated to continue in the foreseeable future. The reasons for this demand are metagenesis as well as a significant societal interest in creating sustainable energy systems, that is, to use the available resources as efficiently as possible while taking economy, environment and energy into consideration.

Application deadline January 15!

This programme is an international programme with application deadline January 15.

Apply at www.universityadmissions.se.


Programme Director

Nawzad Mardan

Högskolan i Gävle
Box 801 76 GÄVLE
026-64 85 00 (växel)