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Alumni interviews

Read interviews with some of our alumnis from the Master Programme in Management of Logistics and Innovation. They will tell you about what they like about the programme and what it was like to study in Gävle.

Abdulrahman Altabba

Name: Abdulrahman Altabba

University education/programme: Master in Management of Logistics and Innovation

What year did you complete your degree? 2016

Age: 28

Home country: Syria

Current city/country of residence: Sweden

Current job/profession: Global Inventory and Supply Planner

Current place of employment: Sandvik Coromant, Sandviken, Sweden

Hobbies and interests: Technology and Photography

I work with colleagues from all over the world working in production, sales, product management, and in the distribution centers.

Tell us a little about your profession, how you ended up in this field and what has been influential in making decisions along the way

During my bachelor degree studies in Industrial Engineering, I had a summer internship where I spent time in the supply chain department of the company I worked in and I thought that was very interesting. Analyzing data to draw conclusions and improve processes was something I enjoyed, so I decided to continue my career in the field of supply chain management and logistics. Then I pursued the master’s degree at the University of Gävle to complement my knowledge in this area and be more qualified to get a job in this field.

What is the best thing about your job/profession?

The best thing I like about my job is the central role in the organization and also the global network. I work with colleagues from all over the world working in production, sales, product management, and in the distribution centers. This gives me the opportunity to learn a lot of new things.

How have your studies at the University of Gävle shaped your choice of profession and/or your path to that profession?

I currently work in global supply chain planning which is very much related to the degree I specialized in. The degree I have has added to my qualifications for getting a role within supply chain management.

How have you benefitted from your education in your working career?

The courses I attended at HiG and the research I have done during my thesis have helped develop my understanding of supply chain management and logistics with focus on environmental sustainability. This gave me a solid background to start my career with.

What do you especially remember from your time at the University of Gävle?

It was interesting to meet and work with many classmates from different countries and cultures. The atmosphere at campus was relaxing, spending time there studying or using the library was nice.

What was it like to move to Sweden and to Gävle?

Gävle is a small and cozy city, which was perfect for me as a student. The university campus is in a very central location in the city with walking distance from anything you need. Living in Gävle also gives you the possibility to visit bigger nearby cities like Stockholm or Uppsala within a less than two hours train trip which is very convenient.

What is the best thing about Sweden and Gävle?

Closeness to nature. There are a lot of forests, lakes, and rivers. You can enjoy a walk in nature wherever you live in Sweden. Close to the university campus is Boulognerskogen where you could experience the beauty of all four seasons in a year just minutes away from Campus.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for other students who want to move to Sweden and study?

You can easily live in Sweden as an international student by only speaking English, so that is good. However, learning some Swedish before you come to Sweden can be very handy as it makes everyday life easier.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to develop myself further in end-to-end supply chain planning with focus on data analytics. I think that data is becoming a very valuable asset in the era we live in, and it can contribute to the success of all types of organizations.

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